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United Bank of Iowa is an independent financial services organization focusing on creating and maintaining personalized customer relationships.
Our shared beliefs and commitments:

  • Our success is dependent upon our customers. We are committed to satisfying customers needs and expectations with products and services which offer quality and value.
  • Our performance is determined by our employees. We are committed to offering a challenging and fulfilling environment which provides opportunities for personal enhancement.
  • Our foundation is our stockholders. We are committed to enhancing shareholder value through strategies positively effecting asset growth and profitability.



Click here to learn more about the
mural on the wall of the bank.

February, 1932: The Ida County State Bank began banking business in February of 1932. Its first statement in June of that year reported assets of $271,695.00.

April, 1961: The Ida County State Bank and the Arthur Trust and Savings Bank merged. Assets as of December 31, 1960 were $3,636,036.00 for Ida County State Bank and $2,549,557.00 for Arthur Trust and Savings Bank.

1967: The current facility in Ida Grove was built.

June 30, 1989: Purchased First Trust and Savings Bank of Galva with assets of $11,199,782.16.

June 29, 1990: Purchased Sun Savings of Fort Dodge with assets of $17,850,419.31.

February 8, 1991: Purchased American Federal of Denison with assets of $25,859,598.09.

March 5, 1993: Purchased First Federal of Ida Grove with assets of $1,019,118.44.

March 26, 1993: Purchased First Federal of Denison with assets of $9,318,054.01.

May 28, 1994: Purchased Liberty Bank and Trust of Odebolt and Kiron with assets of $15,626,344.43.

March, 1995: The Galva office of Ida County State Bank was sold to American National Bank.

January 1, 1996: Approval was granted to change our name from Ida County State Bank to United Bank of Iowa.

October 4, 1996: Purchased Farmers State Bank of Charter Oak with assets of $6,097,510.01.

July, 1998: Ground breaking to begin remodeling and addition to the Ida Grove facility.

August, 1999: Completion of addition and remodeling of Ida Grove facility.

March, 2001: United Bank of Iowa merged with United Bank of Iowa in Carroll and Churdan which had assets of $29,454,034.00.

June, 2001: Purchased Alliance Bank of Rockwell City and Lake City with assets of $62,484,967.57.

February, 2003: United Bank of Iowa was granted approval to open an office in Schleswig, Iowa.  

October, 2004:  United Bank of Iowa was granted approval to open an office in Harlan, Iowa.

May, 2006:  Completion of new facility in Charter Oak.

September, 2006:  Purchased First Bank & Trust Co. of Glidden and Lohrville with assets of $56,940,000.00.

May, 2007:  United Bank of Iowa was granted approval to open an office in Storm Lake, Iowa.

April, 2008:  Completion of addition of the Ida Grove facility.

August, 2008:  Completion of new facility in Storm Lake.

October 1, 2010:  United Bank of Iowa merged with American National Bank in Galva, Holstein, Kingsley, Moville, Pierson, Sac City which had assets of $230,000,000.00.

December, 2010:  Completion of new facility in Galva.

December, 2010: Purchased Moorhead State Bank of Moorhead with assets of $23,434,435.81.

November, 2011: United Bank of Iowa was granted approval to open an office in Dunlap.

September, 2012: Completion of new facility in Dunlap.

March, 2015: Purchased Blencoe State Bank of Onawa with assets of $42,372,220.41.

October, 2015: United Bank of Iowa was granted approval to open an office in Pocahontas.

United Bank of Iowa is wholly owned by the holding company, Ida Grove Bancshares, Inc. of Ida Grove, Iowa. United Bank of Iowa also has offices located in Arthur, Carroll, Charter Oak, Churdan, Denison, Dunlap, Fort Dodge, Galva, Glidden, Harlan, Holstein, Kingsley, Kiron, Lake City, Lohrville, Moorhead, Moville, Odebolt, Onawa, Pierson, Pocahontas, Rockwell City, Sac City, Schleswig, and Storm Lake.


About the Mural…The Stagecoach Inn

Presented as a Commitment
to the Community of Ida Grove

Carving art into a building is a culturally historic art form dating back to ancient times to capture and honor a moment of the past for the future. With this in mind, we present this mural as our commitment to the community of Ida Grove to honor the history of Ida County and as a landmark for future generations.

We dedicate this mural in memory of the first permanent settlers of Ida County who built the Stagecoach Inn in Moorehead Park. The Stagecoach Inn was constructed in 1856 as a log cabin. It served as a stop over point for settlers traveling across Northwest Iowa in the late 1800’s. Today it serves as a museum and historical marker and continues to be used for educational purposes.

The Art Process

The mural started with several artist sketches from which the design was selected, enlarged and made into an overlay, taking great care to keep it historically accurate to the original scene in Moorehead Park. The brick we selected is made from clay extracted from the Loess Hills and was manufactured at the Sergeant Bluff plant of Sioux City Brick and Tile. The mural consists of approximately 1100 bricks and was carved at the Sergeant Bluff plant while the bricks were still soft clay. After carving, the bricks were hand numbered, hand dried, and then fired using the normal brick production methods. The bricks were later reassembled and laid by the masons at the bank location.

The Artist – Nick Klepinger

Nick Klepinger was born and raised in Chariton, Iowa. After graduating from the University of Oregon with a degree in journalism, he returned to Newton, Iowa where he currently resides. For the past 25 years Nick and his wife, Linda, have operated a frame shop and art gallery. Nick has expanded his art interests to include sculpture of both wood and bronze castings. A few of the many places that display Nick's artwork include the Maytag Company in Newton, Scholte Gardens in Pella, Knoxville Raceway, National Thresher’s Association in Mount Pleasant, Iowa and United Bank of Iowa in Holstein

   Each depositor insured to at least $250,000.
Member FDIC
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