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The Trust Department of United Bank of Iowa offers personal trust services, estate planning and administration, conservatorships, agency accounts and retirement plans.

Many people envision trusts as highly detailed and complicated. However, trusts can be quite simple and are advisable in any situation where a person wants to guarantee that a certain objective is accomplished.

Anyone can benefit from a trust. We administer trusts for individuals of all ages. In many instances the purpose of the trust is to keep family assets intact and use the income for the benefit of several generations – with eventual distribution to grandchildren, other family members or to charity. Eventual distribution can be tax-free with proper planning being done in advance.

A trust is the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out, both during your lifetime and, if desired, for many years after your death ensuring your beneficiaries receive a lifetime income stream.

Our Trust Department can help you accomplish the three major objectives of estate planning:

  1. Administer property as you want it managed during your lifetime.
  2. Reduce your estate tax exposure and provide professional advisory services to your estate now and when the passing of the estate occurs.
  3. Make sure your wishes are carried out after your death.

The Trust Department performs professional services in the administration of the following:

  • Executor, Administrator - living trusts
  • Trustee for trusts under will and life insurance trusts
  • Experienced Trust Administration
  • Guardian and Conservator
  • Investment Advisory Services
  • Agency and Custodian Services
  • Escrow Depository
  • Property Management (Farm, Commercial and Residential)

Contact our Trust Department to schedule an appointment! Start making plans today to make sure your wishes are carried out during your lifetime and for future generations.

   Each depositor insured to at least $250,000.
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